To Live is to Move

Movementinmind is the name of my Arts and Alexander teaching practice. These two disciplines each inform the other in relation to movement, mind, making and improvisation. To live is to move; how we move embodies our pasts and creates our futures.

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 ‘Like a Woman’ shown above was performed in September 2016 at Cardiff Met. This work was undertaken during my MFA in 2015, which I completed after retiring from a career as a Clinical Psychologist / Systemic Psychotherapist. That year of intense investigations continues to be the foundation for the continuing explorations you find here.

‘Home Time 2020’ was shown in 2021 at the Turner House Open in Penarth near Cardiff. Four original cyanotypes made during the first lockdown were presented framed. The complete series was reprinted and hung to make a large hanging piece which was shown as part of ‘Lost?’ A Shared Walk exhibition August – November 2021 at The Red House Merthyr and at Aberdare Museum in January 2022.

Pulling Together Apart was a Shared Walk exhibition shown online at Aberdare Museum (April 2021) and after that at

Banner for Pulling Together Apart exhibition by Shared Walk artists Anna Brazier Helen Rowlands and Sharon Magill 2021
Local map 1 A5 concertina 2016
Local Map 2 A5 Concertina 2016
Lane Walk ( St David’s) 5ft x 4ins mixed media 2019 ( Shown Art Central 2019 and Red House Merthyr 2021 )
from Fifty Fifty 6ft x 3ft mixed media 2019 ( Shown Aberdare Museum 2019)
From Fifty Fifty 6ft x 3ft mixed media 2019 ( Shown Aberdare Museum 2019)
Seconds from Home Time 2020 series Cyanotype on printed page A5 ( Shown on line Aberdare Museum 2021)