Responding to Performance

Work  made in response to ‘Pluck’ a performance at Cardiff Metropolitan by Natalie Ramus in March 2016. Oil stick on concertina sketch book.   Work made in response to attending a workshop run by Mike Pearson – rehearsing this group Good News From the Future. Chapter Cardiff May 2016. Oil stick and water colour on […]

Moving and Marking: Full Extension

  These images are taken from two performances one at Cardiff Metropolitan in the studio  and the other, seen immediately below, at the Vegetable Agenda exhibition ‘ Basic Human Needs’. In both performances I use two hands – and mark onto Fabriano paper with oil sticks and water colour. What emerges when we move freely […]

November 7th 2015

  Influences Images and ideas at outset of MFA studies.  Reflective spaces and mirrors – Vestiges Paul Mullholland – importance of Place Sky project – place and time Mapping and the body Nikki Rossato                           Mapping and terrain Kathy Pendergast Photographic ambiguity Catherine […]