A Shared Walk: Made in Roath October 2017


Jill Kirkpatrick and I were invited to be part of a Made in Roath collaboration; A Shared Walk.  See asharedwalk.wordpress.com

A group of artists invited a ‘plus one’ to join them in a walk in Roath Park Cardiff – each artist and partner made a response and these were collected and shown at the Made in Roath Festival 2017. The web site above, in time, will provide a digitized trail so walkers can follow a trial and see the works in the context of the Park.

The objects for our sun prints were collected during our shared walk in Waterloo Gardens – at the top end of Roath park in late August 2017. Walking together with making work in mind initially prompted reminiscence. We had had friends in common since we were teenagers when, ten years ago, we discovered we were neighbours. Our histories have overlapped with careers in public service, and then more recently masters courses, Jill in Documentary Photography, and Anna in Fine Art. Making work together has been an ambition – unrealised until this project.

As we explored the park with our cameras we began talking and noticing in a different way; we discovered what was under our feet.

Jill was already familiar with the work of Anna Atkins, who documented plant life during the 1840’s using a photogram process with sunlight. We worked with our collected objects using a similar sun printing process to reveal and conceal the traces of human activity – the flotsam and jetsam of everyday life in the park.

Installation: Work in progress

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