Work in progress November 2022

I loved transforming my lockdown cyanotype prints into a larger hanging piece. Working with the hanging threads and images for what emerged as ‘What Next’ shown in Aberdare as part of our last shared Walk exhibition ( bottom picture ) influenced how I approached this next piece. I had been surprised and excited by the changing impact possible from just a little movement in the hanging.

Women’s Arts Association Wales invited us all to celebrate an artist we admired and I chose Trisha Brown. I wanted my piece to echo her life in choreography and movement, and her way of turning the domestic upside down – particularly in her performance of The Stream ( 1971). Each of my drawings of Trisha balancing her way across a path of cooking pans full of dishwater was done quickly in one sitting with a fude nib pen on handmade paper. The 24 drawings will be hung on a black metal pot hanger with S rings and unfurled pan scourer. I’m still working out how I want it to hang and am enjoying the pan scourer’s unique properties. Covid got in the way of my sharing this work in the Llanover Hall show ( Opening 11th November – 2022) but I’m working towards making a bigger piece for the International Woman’s Day exhibition that WAAW usually holds in Barry: Art Central in March.

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